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From the bus drivers who deliberately pass by me, to those crowded buses, to those lonely rides, to those specific people who’ve harassed me, to those who’ve I’ve gotten into verbal arguments with, to that woman who was verbally abused, to that man who was assaulting his children, to those who I’ve made smile, to those who’ve thanked me for paying their bus fares, to the boys who’ve asked for my number, to those who I’ve given up my seat for, to those who refused to sit next to me, to those who’ve shared their life stories with me… I wouldn’t trade these encounters for the world..

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- Charles Bukowski


you’re telling me a chicken fried this rice?


me and my baby ❤️

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829 plays Fuck You Lucy Atmosphere God Loves Ugly


This song is one of my all time favorites, I liked it more back then, than now, but it’s still a great song.



favorite movie

I’ve refused to watch this movie for so long.

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